Why I Hustle Every Day


If you’re a millennial, like I am, you were raised under a very different set of beliefs and values than our parents and grandparents were. The baby boomers were taught from an extremely early age that if they learned a trade, focused on a skill, and kept their heads down and out of trouble, they would succeed. It’s easy to understand why steady jobs were so important to the baby boomer’s/depression era parents. The only thing that mattered to them was keeping the minimal amount of money coming in to support their families. So, at the age of 16 or 17, the baby boomers decided to become nurses, teachers, mechanics, or dentists, to name a few of the jobs available to them — and they followed that career path on a slow and steady trajectory until they retired after the age of 65.

Our generation couldn’t be more different. Raised with technology, we were taught that anything is possible. You can be the next Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, or Bill Gates, and all you have to do is to come up with a good idea. It’s possible to get a job in a field you have no knowledge in, simply by posting a persuasive enough piece of content on YouTube. It’s easy to sell a million of something online if you have a good enough Facebook ad campaign. The thing that’s most important to people like me, is our dreams, and anything is possible if you’re creative enough.

My generation has to hustle. Partially because, due to inflation and growing costs in almost every American city, we can’t survive on one job alone. That’s why the majority of millennials are Uber drivers, models, and or social media personalities oh yeah, and real estate agents. Almost everyone I know sells some sort of at-home or digital product or a product from a network marketing company. It has become very important for us to branch out, and have a variety of different income streams available to us. The other reason I hustle is that I’ve experienced a few finer things in life and I want them, always. This is not the time for the yearly family vacation— if you’re a dedicated young business professional who hustles, like me, you can be in a different country every single month.

I hustle because I can, because I’ve become good at a certain task, just like my ancestors — but because I have also mastered technology. I have branched out into writing books and doing seminars and helping other people master the art of real estate, and I do so partially because I want to help but mostly because I want to succeed. I enjoy my life, my income, my flexibility, and the ability to be absolutely anything and anyone that I want to be.

If you’re not a hustler, you need to think about what it is what you want in life. Write down your top ten goals for this week, this month, and this year. Make them happen. Anything is within your reach if you put your mind to it, you just need to set up a little motivation. A goal sheet or dream board is a really nice way to put to paper all of those dreams that are in your head, even if it’s a trip to Thailand or just a new pair of shoes. By visualizing them, we can hustle, and make them happen.

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  1. I’m a hustler, Baby! — Co-creator, Wife, Mother (x4), Self-directed scholar, Paralegal, Artist, Farmer, Realtor, Writer, Singer, Heart-listener, … Thanks Chastin for inspiration to do more, do the most!!

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