Business Partner Fighting While They Are Meeting
Business partner fighting while they are meeting

Who Wins In A Fight? Lender or Realtor?


As you know, Realtors are everywhere and Loan Officers are everywhere.

So who would win in a fight between the two?

I don’t mean a physical fight, I mean a “closing of clients” fight.

Unfortunately, it seems like lenders are winning these days and I’m pretty sure I know why.

You see, lenders have to close 3x the amount of business we close in order to make the amount of money we would make on ONE home sale.

Why is that important to know?

It’s important because, in a market like this, loan officers and lenders are starting to do whatever it takes to get business.

They are following up with leads like crazy. They are mailing our prospects like crazy. They are even running TV commercials to the clients that WE NEED!

But it’s their job. So we can’t get mad at them. We have no control over what a loan officer does.

What we do have control over is what we do.

My question to you is, are you working as hard as your lender counterparts?

The other day I held a first time home buyer seminar alongside my lender and it went really well.

We had people come out and we simply had a conversation with them about the home buying process. This was a great way to start lining up leads and prospects for the next homebuying season.

This was just one way that I am choosing to bring in a massive amount of leads before the next Realtor does.

Secondly, do you have a lender in your corner that is willing to tag-team with you to close business?

If not, we need to talk.

No one should win a fight between a lender and Realtor because we should both win!

If you’re not winning, you’re not doing it right.

This blog isn’t to chew you out. It’s simply to tell you to WAKE UP!

Things are changing out here and you must stay ahead of the curve or you will get drowned out of the real estate business.

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