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Top Real Estate Tools for 2023: Boost Your Sales and Stay Ahead – Chastin J. Miles

Discover the top real estate tools for 2023 to boost your sales and stay ahead of the competition. From CRM software to marketing automation tools, property listing management software, analytics tools, and contract management tools, equip yourself with the right tools to take your real estate business to the next level. Understand your business goals and needs, research and compare different tools, take advantage of free trials and demos, consider scalability and flexibility, and seek recommendations and advice from other real estate professionals. Embrace technology and innovation to thrive in the real estate industry.

Top Real Estate Tools for 2023

Are you a real estate agent looking to boost your sales and stay ahead of the game? Well, you’re not alone! With over 3 million active real estate licensees in the United States alone (source), competition is fierce, and you need to stand out to succeed. But how can you do that? The answer is simple – equip yourself with the best real estate tools available!

According to the National Association of Realtors, agents who use technology to manage their business in median gross income than those who don’t. That’s a significant difference! But with so many tools available, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this blog to help you discover the best real estate tools for agents that can help you s, provide better service to your clients, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to take your real estate business to the next level!

Understanding your Business and Knowing the Right Real Estate Tools

The good news is that various real estate tools are available that can , manage leads and listings more efficiently, and improve their marketing strategies. This section will explore the top real estate tools categorized based on their functionality. Whether you’re looking for lead management, marketing, or organization tools, we’ve got you covered.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

A CRM software program stores and manages customer data, providing agents valuable insights into their target clients’ behavior, preferences, and concerns. This allows agents to personalize their communication and offers to better nurture customer relationships. The top CRM tools for real estate agents are:

  • Wise Agent: Wise Agent is a powerful CRM tool that enables real estate agents to manage contacts, automate follow-up processes, and streamline workflows. It comes with features such as customized marketing campaigns, listing management, and analytics. Additionally, the tool offers integrations with third-party apps to enhance its functionality.
  • Propertybase: Propertybase is a CRM tool designed to help real estate agents manage their leads, listings, and marketing campaigns. It provides features like customized workflows, automated follow-up processes, and advanced analytics for performance tracking. It also integrates with third-party apps, such as email marketing tools and social media platforms, allowing for streamlined workflows and data syncing.

Marketing Automation Software

The top priority of any business is to generate leads and keep customers engaged throughout their journey. Businesses often collect massive data in the process, making it challenging to make the most of it. Marketing automation software can help by cleansing and standardizing data, ensuring accuracy, and preventing duplication. This, in turn, streamlines marketing processes such as campaign management, audience segmentation, behavioral analysis, lead scoring, and website scoring. The top marketing automation tools for real estate agents are:

  • Zoho: Zoho is an all-in-one marketing automation tool for real estate agents. It captures leads from multiple sources and provides comprehensive lead conversion reports. Zoho offers engagement avenues such as surveys and webinars to retain customers. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Zoho streamlines marketing efforts, driving growth in the real estate industry.
  • LeadSquared: LeadSquared is the perfect marketing automation tool for real estate agents as it offers detailed tracking of potential buyers’ actions, including conversations, web pages visited, and channels used. It helps to segment leads based on their demographic profiles, interested properties, and activities, enabling personalized communication campaigns and offers.

Property Listing Management Software

Property listing management software can streamline workflows and automate critical tasks such as tenant screening, listing vacancies, lease management, and expense tracking. It provides the freedom to access information securely from anywhere, and streamlines property and financial management needs in a central system. The software also simplifies maintenance monitoring by enabling easy tracking of tenant requests, task assignments, and job completion. Overall, using property listing management software can enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve the customer experience in real estate. The top property listing management tools for real estate agents are:

  • Innago: Innago is a cloud-based property management software designed for landlords and property managers to streamline their tasks. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools such as lease management, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance tracking, and accounting. Innago automates routine tasks, saving time and providing a better tenant experience. It is affordable and scalable, making it an excellent option for landlords with small to medium-sized portfolios.
  • Avail: Avail is a comprehensive property management tool that offers an end-to-end solution for landlords, including marketing vacancies, tenant screening, lease generation, and maintenance tracking. It has a free plan with basic features and paid plans with advanced features. Avail is user-friendly and an excellent option for landlords and realtors looking to streamline their property management processes.

Real Estate Analytics Tools

Real estate analytics tools are software applications that collect, store, retrieve, and analyze data to provide insights and predictions about the real estate market. These tools for real estate agents collect data from sources like property listings, transaction records, demographic data, and economic indicators. Utilizing the data, realtors can assess the profitability of a property, calculate its worth, and make predictions about demand and supply. Top real estate analytics tools for real estate agents are:

  • Buildium: Buildium is a top real estate analytics tool that provides a customizable dashboard for real estate agents to track key metrics such as rent roll, occupancy rates, and maintenance requests. It offers features like rental analytics, lease tracking, and financial reporting, making it easy to make data-driven decisions about properties and maximize ROI.
  • CoStar: CoStar is a commercial real estate data and analytics platform that offers a wide range of information on property listings, transactions, and market trends. That helps in smart decision-making. Likewise, it provides market analysis, investment analysis tools, mapping and visualization tools, research and reporting tools, etc. With these tools, users can evaluate the financial performance of real estate, including projected cash flows and ROI.

Contract Management Tools for Real Estate

Using contract management tools in real estate helps streamline and automate the entire contract management process. This includes creating, storing, and tracking contracts. With contract management tools, real estate agents can save time, reduce errors, and improve compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, these tools provide a centralized location for all contract-related information, making it easier to access and share with relevant parties. Top contract management tools for real estate agents are:

  • HelloSign: HelloSign is a top contract management tool that simplifies the signing process for agents by allowing them to sign documents from anywhere using their phone, tablet, or computer. It supports integration with popular cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox, enabling easy access to important documents. HelloSign also offers an API, allowing real estate agents to embed signing capabilities into their own apps or websites.
  • Adobe Sign: Adobe Sign is a popular contract management tool for real estate agents that offers a range of features to streamline the signing process. It integrates with other Adobe products like Acrobat and Reader and popular platforms like Microsoft and Salesforce. Adobe Sign also offers advanced security features like identity verification and encryption to ensure your contracts are safe and secure.

Understanding Your Business and Knowing the Right Real Estate Tools

The right tool can help your business develop and flourish. However, abundant tools are available in the market, and each one promises the best result. So it becomes difficult for real estate agents to choose from multiple options, and sometimes they grab the tools they neither need nor want. To avoid such a situation, understanding your business and knowing the right tools for real estate becomes critical. Here are a few tips that will guide you in picking the right tools for your real estate business.

  • Identify your business goals and needs: Before choosing a tool, it’s crucial to identify your business goals and needs. Do you want to generate more leads, streamline your marketing efforts, or improve customer relationship management? Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, you can choose a tool that aligns with your objectives.
  • Research and compare different tools: It’s important to research and compare different tools available in the market. Read reviews, compare features, and consider factors such as ease of use, pricing, customer support, and integrations. Make a list of the top tools that meet your requirements and evaluate them further.
  • Take advantage of free trials and demos: Many tools offer free trials or demos, allowing you to test their functionality and see if they are the right fit for your business. Take advantage of these opportunities to get a hands-on experience of the tools before making a decision.
  • Consider scalability and flexibility: As your real estate business grows, your tool requirements may change. Make sure to choose a tool that is scalable and flexible enough to accommodate your future needs. This will save you time and resources in the long run.
  • Seek recommendations and advice: Don’t hesitate to seek recommendations and advice from other real estate professionals. Reach out to colleagues, join online forums and communities, and ask for their insights and experiences with different tools. Their recommendations can provide valuable guidance in making the right choice.


Running a successful real estate business isn’t a piece of cake. With so many established firms competing for clients and market share, staying ahead of the market and remaining competitive is a tough task. However, having the right approach to business planning, service marketing, and lead generation can help your real estate business thrive. All you need is to embrace technology and innovation.

With the right tools, real estate agents can effectively manage their business, organize their leads, manage their properties more effectively, and make data-driven decisions to maximize their ROI. By understanding their business needs and choosing the right tools, real estate agents can save time, increase efficiency, and ultimately, boost their bottom line.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the right tools today and take your real estate business to the next level!


1. What tools should a real estate agent have?

Real estate agents should have a customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage customer data and sales processes, marketing automation tools for standardizing data, property listing management software for efficient property management, analytics tools for predicting market trends, and contract management tools for streamlined contract processes.

2. How do real estate agents keep track of clients?

Real estate agents use CRM software to keep track of clients. These systems store customers’ data, track communication, and provide insights that help enhance relationships with customers and manage properties.

3. How can I improve my real estate business?

To improve your real estate business, you can invest in a CRM tool to manage client relationships, use virtual tour software to showcase properties, leverage marketing automation tools for personalized communication, and utilize cloud storage services like Google Drive for collaboration. Additionally, keeping up with industry trends and networking can help you stay ahead of the competition.


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