Real estate property tours

The Real Estate Property Tours Strategy


Here’s another strategy that is shown in the latest release of Lead Gen Playbook. 

I call it the Property Tours Strategy. 

The way to go about it is hosting a FB or IG Live to do your property tours. Everyone posts pictures of the properties but rarely do people walk someone through the actual property. 

Now, to make this a lead generation technique and actually get leads from it, you must do a few things: 
1st – Ask people to click share on the video early on. This will put it on their timelines for more people to watch. 
2nd – Have a giveaway during the video for someone thing you will show, therefore they must pay attention to the whole tour. 
3rd – Ask the audience to “name” one person who would like this home in the comments. Don’t ask them to tag the person. 

Now this may not seem like much and you probably can’t see how you would get leads from this but here’s how:
– It is shared on their timeline so their friends will see it (including the comments) 
– People will watch the full video and see how you work, along with their friends. 
– Whoever they name, will most likely watch the video also. 

The more eyes on the video, the more eyes on you, the more leads. 

Try this and let me know how it works for you. 

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