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The Power of Goal Setting for Real Estate Agents


Mondays. We all have them, and we all dread them. That moment when the alarm goes off and you would much rather snuggle deeper into the warm cocoon of your bed than face the cold light of the day. We know it’s tough, but have you ever wondered how different it might be if you had something exciting to leap out of bed for?

We’re talking about goals here, and not just any goals. 

– Written down goals. 

– Goals that are measurable.

– Goals with specific achievement timelines.

It’s time to trade that Monday morning lethargy for passion and enthusiasm! This week, we challenge you to make it YOUR WEEK. Create goals so crisp, clear, and transparent that you can see right through them. Chart out your course in meticulous detail, every step, every day.

Why so much emphasis on goals?

– Goals are not purely about achievement, they’re your pathway to growth.

– They’re not just for the large-scale, life-altering dreams, but also for the small but significant victories in your everyday life.

– Goals are your present directed towards your desired future. 

Hit the pause button for a moment. Ask yourself, what’s the one goal you want to accomplish this week? And don’t just stop thinking, jot it down and let your goals fuel your every movement. 

Grab those vibrant, neglected post-its or the untouched A4 sheets and jot down your road map towards your goal, in measurable milestones and stick them somewhere visible. Remember, if something is out of sight, it’s also out of mind.

Faltering focus? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s the perseverance to continue despite the struggle that delivers the real wins. So, be your plan. Live it, strive for it, fulfill it.

Now is the time to turn words into ACTION.

– Break free from being chained by time, and start being its master.

– Ditch the comfort zone, venture into challenges, and then stride confidently towards conquering them.

As we leave you with these words, just remember no greatness was ever achieved without the power of goal setting. Tap into this power. Let’s change the way we perceive Mondays, starting today!

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