social media networks for real estate agents
social media networks for real estate agents

The Most Effective Social Media Networks For Real Estate Agents


The real estate sector has undergone significant changes in 2022, and only those who have prepared beforehand will be able to capitalize on these developments.

If you’re a real estate agent, you already know how important it is to keep ahead of the game. One of the ways of being at the forefront and exploding your business is by having a strong presence in the social media space. 

By this, I mean upholding your foothold on all the relevant social media networks that are currently making waves. But before we get right into it, let’s look at the impact of social media marketing. 

What Has Been the Impact of Social Media Marketing On Real Estate Agents?

Social media has changed the modus operandi of so many businesses in the past 10 years, particularly the real estate market. 

Just a few years ago, you were fine to go if only your business was on Facebook. It was by choice then, but now, it’s by necessity. Agents are now considering investing in Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

The reason is that the real estate social media market is constantly changing, agents must stay current on the most recent social media platforms. It’s also crucial for agents to consider social media and the content they post.

Which platform will provide you with the most return on your time, labor, and money, given that it is frequently an investment of your time, work, and money? What should you do with your resources to ensure a consistent flow of customers?

The tide has turned this time. It is no more of what you want but what you need. Let’s see the most important social media networks to pitch your business in 2022.

The Best Social Networks for Realtors in 2022 

Below is a list of the finest real estate social networks mostly used in 2022 by real estate agents. I’ll explain why I think these networks are the best social media sites for real estate brokers, as well as some ideas on how to use them effectively.


As the second most visited website after Google, YouTube has become the main network being used by real estate agents. 

This is because Video has become the real deal in real estate marketing in recent years. It will only grow in size and importance as time goes on.

In fact, this year, the typical person spent more than 44 minutes per day watching YouTube videos. This outnumbers any other social media platform on the list.

As earlier said, it’s the second most visited website in the world with more than 14 billion monthly users. Her parent company, Google comes first. 

The reason why agents opt for YouTube as the leading social media is not far-fetched though it’s widely known that when it comes to real estate social media, video is the way of the future; and in that aspect, YouTube is the forerunner. 

When it comes to social media marketing, YouTube should be your primary focus because your ideal clients may be on the lookout for you on YouTube with over a billion users. 

Tips for utilizing YouTube as a real estate social media platform include:

  • Start by creating a YouTube channel for your content marketing and stick to it. If you have the time, I recommend doing it at least once a week, but even once a month is better than none.
  • To get more views and followers, aggressively promote your material on other social media platforms using your most engaged videos as baits. 
  • Make your video viral by including tags and keywords in your titles and descriptions.
  • Learn how to conduct keyword research and select videos that are popular in your industry, and not simply just what you want to create.
  • Make use of eye-catching thumbnails that accurately reflect your brand.
  • Motivate your audience to participate in the comment section. 

YouTube has a significant advantage over other social media platforms in that it is the most searched site on Google besides writing a blog post. This means that your videos keep reoccurring for weeks or even months upon a keyword search on Google. 

Unlike most other real estate social media platforms, where the content you create today is gone the next day. This means you must regularly post new content so as not to be overshadowed. If you want to know how to start a YouTube channel as a real estate agent, read How To Start A Real Estate YouTube Channel.


Most people find real estate to be considerably more visually appealing. The more attractive your content is, the faster you’ll develop an Instagram following.

Facebook is still a force to reckon with in the real estate market this year, but Instagram is fast-tailing and aiming to hijack the crown anytime soon. 

The reason for this, in my opinion, is that Instagram caters to a more visual audience than Facebook, which is more balanced in terms of dialogue and images.

Also, Instagram has embedded key futures you can explore to raise your company recognition such as reels, Instagram stories, explore page, your highlights, shop, and search.  

But there’s a caveat with these features. You need to be well acquainted with them if you really want to explode your business on Instagram. 

How To Use Instagram as a real estate social media channel

  • Frequently share photographs and videos of your team members,  listing, and community.
  • Cut your efforts by half by posting scheduled social media posts using marketing tools. 
  •  Make use of social media templates to quickly and easily generate appealing social media posts.
  • The importance of engaging with other agents’ accounts in your target market cannot be overstated. Individuals and businesses who serve your ideal potential client are included.
  • Use hashtags that are related to real estate and your target demographic (s).
  • Create Instagram ads and promote them. They have a high conversion rate and are highly targeted.
  • Keep track of your social media marketing effectiveness using Instagram analytics which is free with a company or creator’s account and develop more of what’s hot and what’s not.

Finally, Instagram, if used well, is a fantastic social media platform for real estate agents to use to generate leads, market listings, and grow a social media following.


When it comes to gathering statistics of all social media networks, Facebook is head and shoulder above others; for the meantime at least. 

People spend the second most time on this platform in 2021, after YouTube (35 minutes). Even more than Instagram (33 minutes) and TikTok combined (32 minutes) 

In the same vein, Facebook will continue to be a valuable real estate social media channel for brokers in 2022 and the near future. 

Facebook is also a very diverse social platform. You may connect with your audience in a variety of ways, including through posts, groups, videos, the marketplace, and advertisements.

How To Use Facebook as a real estate social media channel

  • The first thing is to set up a Facebook page for your business and fill out all of the details, including your website URL if you have one. 
  • Make frequent posts. I recommend posting at least once each day, but the more you publish on social media, the better.
  •  Facebook videos – particularly LIVE-  outperform images and text-based posts. Use it to your advantage. 
  • To reach your target market(s) more successfully, use Facebook ads. On Facebook, you can streamline your ideal client and reach them for a fraction of the expense of other social media sites.
  • Start discussions, share content, and interact with new clients by creating Facebook groups for your target market(s).
  • To raise awareness of yourself and your brand, focus on both outbound and group involvement.

Facebook Marketplace

Getting free leads in 2022 has just got easier with Facebook Marketplace. According to Facebook research, one out of every three US users visits the Marketplace at least once a month.

All you need is a photo of the property and some details to make a property listing on Facebook Marketplace. You may either create leads directly on Facebook or send traffic to a landing page on your website to do so.

With written approval from the broker, you can also promote other agents’ listings if you’re new to the business. 

All of your social media followers will see the social media post in their newsfeeds, and anyone searching for real estate in your area on Facebook Marketplace will see the social media listing.

Tik Tok

Real estate agents will have a significantly bigger presence on TikTok before the end of 2022. It’s already big, but it promises to be bigger as time goes on.

Why? Because it’s a visual site, you can truly promote your listings and personality on this social media platform, and it’s ideal for generating leads.

Furthermore, TikTok offers a plethora of inventive techniques to generate leads as it promotes your content more naturally than Facebook and Instagram.

You can use videos to drive traffic to your website or landing pages, distribute listings, and even increase awareness about the home-buying and selling process.

Because short-form video is becoming more popular, it’s critical for real estate salespeople to begin experimenting with it.

TikTok has a number of advantages in 2022, including the fact that it is still one of the youngest social networks, which means it is still expanding and has less competition.

How To Use Tik Tok as a real estate social media channel

  • Highlight listings, home buying, selling advice, and real estate market information in short videos. 
  • Check trending videos and incorporate popular themes seen in them into your videos. 
  • To reach your social media audience uniquely, combine popular music and audio.
  • Use social media marketing tools to help you plan ahead and develop and schedule videos.
  • Use hashtags that are related to real estate and your target market.
  • Create brief videos that respond to the questions of your target audience
  • Engage accounts in a proactive manner. 
  • To help boost your account’s following, collaborate with popular influencers and well-known brands that your target audience follows. 

Overall, TikTok has the most promise of the apps on this list. However, there are some ill sides to consider before going all out with TikTok. 

60% of TikTok users in the USA range between the ages of 16-and 24 years. That is, over half of those using TikTok are not ready to buy a home. Although, if another 20% is added to the 60% of users, the age then ranges between 16-34 years. 

With these stats, you need to be sure your target audience is dwelling on TikTok. However, the demography is becoming increasingly varied as more older people are making their presence known on the platform. 

Worthy Mentions 


Pinterest is a real estate social networking platform where agents may share their listings as well as other real estate-related information and photographs.

As it also deals with visuals, agents can construct boards that are precisely customized to their target audience. 

For example, an agent may build a board on the site called “Steps to take before selling your home” and give useful hints on it.

However, there aren’t many real estate agents that have had much success with Pinterest.


Another social media tool for agents to post listings and connect with potential leads is Twitter. It’s worth noting, though, that Twitter lacks the visual appeal of other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Twitter, on the other hand, is an excellent platform for posting linked articles, social media content, and other social media updates.


LinkedIn is wonderful for building your brand and networking with other real estate professionals, but it is unlikely to produce many leads on its own.

Joining groups and communicating with possible prospects are key for agents trying to generate business on Linkedin.

You may also publish your listings and upload articles about real estate on your profile. All in all, LinkedIn is a good place to network and make your business known amongst professionals. 


Despite the fact that Snapchat isn’t the most popular social media platform, it has a significant enough user base to be worth considering.

Snapchat is a visual social media network for real estate brokers to post social media content and videos, similar to Instagram and TikTok.

Conclusion On The Most Effective Real Estate Social Media Network 

The key to growing a vibrant presence for your business in the media space is to be active on the social media network you are familiar with. 

Also, you need to tailor your postings toward what your target audience would deem relevant and helpful. 

However, if you’re interested in trying out other social media platforms you are not familiar with, hopefully, this article has aided you in making a decision.

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