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The 8 Daily Habits of Success: From Dawn’s First Light to the Power of Persistence


There’s a common query I receive: “Chastin, what are the daily habits that propel you to success?” It’s no secret. I’m sharing them with you today.

Every journey to success commences the moment your alarm clock begins its notorious melody. Here’s where your first habit comes into play.

1️⃣ Rise before the sun. Wasn’t it said that the early bird catches the worm? Additionally, your mind is most alert in the calm of the pre-dawn hours, making it ideal for plotting out your daily objectives. Be that early bird!

2️⃣ Reading forms the backbone of constant learning. Embark on intellectual explorations, and immerse yourself in the views of industry leaders, pioneers, and influencers. Remember, if you stop learning, you hinder your ability to lead.

3️⃣ Become a proficient goal-setter. Moving without well-defined objectives is equivalent to walking blindfolded. You need to lay down focused goals. Shatter it into manageable tasks, to be tackled daily. Your success story is built on small, consecutive efforts.

4️⃣ Include self-reflection in your daily routine. A truthful evaluation of your performance and progress is vital to gauge whether your course of action requires re-routing. Pause, breath,e and ask yourself, “Am I on track?”

5️⃣ Continuously strive for improvement. How can you climb higher if you settle for the flatland? Assess your skills, methodologies, and strategies to hunt for improvement opportunities. Embrace challenges, they are your growth engines.

6️⃣ Networking is essential. Your connections unlock vast opportunities. Connect, engage, and lift others. Remember, every interaction has the power to raise your own stature by expanding your network, and it’s worth it.

7️⃣ Your health is your wealth. Overlooking it is an expressway to failure. Embrace a holistic approach to health–regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep. Do not trade your priceless asset for anything.

8️⃣ Persistence is your weapon against disappointments. You will inevitably encounter rejections and failures, but they are not meant to deter, but rather to nourish your determination. Turn setbacks into stepping stones.

The challenge lies in your hands. Reflect on these habits and examine which ones you need to add to your repertoire. Every sunrise brings a fresh canvas to bring you closer to your success story. Seize it! Remember, it’s all within your reach.

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