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The 9 Best Video Editing Tools for Real Estate Agents in 2022


If video is not part of your content marketing strategies as a real estate agent, then you are really missing out on the real juice of marketing. What video content marketing does to your business can not be overemphasized. Videos help increase sales and services, reduce support queries, and help users better understand your products and services.

The focus of online content is shifting toward video. According to inVideo, online videos account for more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic, and 79 percent of people say that watching a video has persuaded them to buy or download a piece of software in the past. In addition, most people say that they have been persuaded to watch an advertisement for a product by watching an online video.

Real estate agents’ most used social media networks now rely solely on video content. Youtube, for example, is a video-based platform where you need to bring your A-game as a video editor. You will be found wanting and lacking a great deal if you turn blind eyes to professionalism and upload whatever videos to your Youtube channels. The same applies to your Instagram and TikTok platforms.

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Video is an exciting medium for content marketing, but it takes a lot of painstaking effort to create marketing videos worthy of your social media platforms and website. Creating videos is not a bread and butter situation that floors seamlessly; there are a lot of intricacies attached to it, particularly video editing.

If you are short on experience editing your videos, or you can’t find a specialist who can help you with professional editing, then I’ve got you covered.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that with the help of the appropriate video editing software, you can also produce polished, professional-looking video content without prior expertise, ensuring that your content strategy remains one step ahead of the competition.

Below are 9 video editing software tools you can use to bring alive your marketing videos:

1. CapCut

ByteDance, the same firm that developed TikTok, is also the creator of CapCut, a free video editing software. Consequently, it is primarily designed for editing mobile videos in the standard portrait mode of social media applications, particularly TikTok videos.

This means CapCut is only available as a mobile app for both Android and IOS. And as an app developed by the creator of Titok, it’s safe to say the app is dedicated to working effortlessly with editing Titok videos.

The only thing that can set you back will be the lack of video ideas for your TikTok audience. Not to worry, though; you can check out these five strategies to grow your TikTok audience with exciting video content ideas.

With CapCut, you can cut, reverse and change your video speed. Also, you can add other filter features and music to your videos.

Available in: Android & IOS

Pricing: Free

2. iMovie

If you are a Mac user, consider giving iMovie a try. It offers many advanced video editing features, which most online video editors don’t provide, for free! And with the mobile app, you can edit your videos on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

One of the most sought-after features of iMovie is its green-screen, often known as its “chroma-key” tool. This function allows users to relocate their characters to exotic settings, such as the Maldives, at a moment’s notice. iMovie has direct integration with iTunes and GarageBand, making it simple to add your creative music and sounds to your videos.

Also, suppose you have been filming real estate video content on your iPhone or editing a project on your iPad. In that case, you may utilize AirDrop to transmit your project wirelessly and without any disruption to your Mac while it is still in progress.

When your video is finally finished and ready to be uploaded, you can send it out into the world by utilizing iMessage, Facebook, YouTube, or any of the other channels that are tightly integrated with iMovie.

Key Features: Green screen; Story Boards, seamless Apple integration.

Available on: All Apple devices

Pricing: Free

3. Apple Final Cut Pro X

If you’ve mastered Apple iMovie and are seeking to take a bold step to more advanced software, then Final Cut Pro X is your next stop—a final stop actually.

For a product that you could have a hard time comprehending, the price of $299.99 might seem a bit excessive. However, for those who appreciate a challenge and aspire to some degree of skill in video editing, why not go for it? It is now easier than ever to make the switch from iMovie to Final Cut Pro. So if you are the type who enjoys themselves on Apple products and has worked with iMovie to the point of mastery, it may be time to splurge on Final Cut Pro. Apple has made the transition from iMovie to Final Cut Pro more painless than ever. However, the user interface is far less intimidating than perceived.

Key features: Touch Bar support; Magnetic Timeline.

Available on: All Apple devices

Pricing: One-time payment of $299

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is perhaps the most comprehensive piece of video editing software now available. It supports 360 virtual reality and 4k video and has recently added the capability to save, organize, and share files online with a team.

The Lumetri Color tool in Premiere Pro is one of the program’s most impressive features since it allows for color editing and correction on a level comparable to that of Photoshop. The multi-cam capability is another one of Premiere Pro’s strong points; whereas other editing software only lets you work with a limited number of camera angles, the newest version of Premiere Pro lets you work with an endless number of perspectives.

Premiere Pro is an obvious choice considering its extensive library of titling possibilities, its ability to seamlessly link to auxiliary applications (such as Photoshop and After Effects), and its adaptable and user-friendly interface.

If you are an agent that gives much credence to aesthetic and high-quality videos drenched with professionalism all through, you won’t go wrong with Adobe Premiere Pro. It gives you all satisfying features and more.

Key Features: Title tool; Multi-cam coloring options; straightforward interface

Available On: Web; Android; IOS

Pricing: $39.99/mo

5. Canva

Canva is a popular software known for its incredible photo-editing features. But recently, the company has taken it a step further by integrating a video editing function on its app. Stocked with lots of templates and editing features, you can definitely do no wrong by editing your real estate video content using the Canva Video editor.

One of the perks of using the Canva Video Editor is its seamless navigation. It’s easy to use, just like its main Photo designer and editor function. Canva assists you in reaching new heights of professionalism as a real estate agent. It’s hosted on the web and optimized for mobile use.

Key Features: Countless templates; easy-to-use navigation; explorable features.

Available on: Web; Android; IOS

Pricing: Free: $12.99 per month for the Pro upgrade

6. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio has all the features of the other top-tier products on this list, such as 360-degree VR and support for 4k resolution. Still, it also has the distinction of being the first piece of consumer video editing software to offer motion tracking. For those who aren’t already familiar with the term motion tracking, it is a function that enables you to track specific objects throughout your cut.

Even though motion tracking is included with most of the items on our list, VideoStudio continues to be recognized as having one of the most advanced tracking systems available.

Key Features: Motion tracking

Available On: Web

Pricing: One-time payment of $99.99

7. Lumen 5–KaAaArapEALw_wcB

Lumen5 positions itself in the market as a solution that transforms blog content into social promotions. The procedure isn’t flawless, and you’ll probably have to do some experimenting to get the appearance of your blog material exactly the way you want it. Still, everything else about the process of creating a video is a breeze.

After making a few minor edits to the prose that serves as a teaser for your blog post, dragging and dropping in a few gifs, screengrabs, or video clips, and adding some music, your entertaining social video will be ready to be shared on your website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Key Features: Blog-to-social-promo creation; drag-and-drop interface

Available on: Web

Pricing: $11-$55/mo

8. Instagram & TikTok

If you want to have a quick run editing your videos without giving a second thought to aesthetics, then Instagram and TikTok are the best bet for you. You can either create your videos using your phone or import them into the apps for thorough or quick edits.

Instagram reel is an excellent function to start with. It consists of various editing features that would make your videos more colorful and satisfying. Another function you can give a try is the Instagram story.

On the flipside, TikTok is a more adventurous app that houses various themes and editing features you can run with. As it is widely known for its short videos accompanied by music, you can quickly make your videos more attractive by adding distinctive and exciting filters.

You can highlight listings, home buying, selling advice, and real estate market information in short videos. It doesn’t have to be dramatic and intentional. And you can use Instagram and TikTok for this purpose.

Available on: Android and IOS

Pricing: Free

9. Outsource

It is understandable if all the options above do not cut it for you due to your busy schedule. If you don’t have the time to edit your video yourself, then there are ways you can go about it. One of such ways is to go to freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to outsource talents who can help you edit your videos.

Both platforms house incredible talents spanning many industries and niches, one of which is video editing. If you are looking to get a pocket-friendly and befitting service for your videos, then Fiverr is the place to go. But if you want to add more sophistication to your videos with a more outstanding look, I suggest you make the next stop at Upwork to source the right talents.

Both platforms are a cut above the rest with outstanding talents without mincing words. As a busy agent, you must stop smearing your videos with lousy editing and find the right talents to help you bring your videos alive.

Available On: Web; Android; IOS

Pricing: Free


As a real estate agent, if you want to keep up with the ever-increasing popularity of videos, you should learn how to edit videos. And the mentioned software above can be the place to begin your journey.

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Give thought to your budget, the level of experience you possess already, and the amount of time you are willing to invest in acquiring a new skill. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to figure out which is the best video editing software for YouTube or if you’ve been put in charge of ensuring that your team’s video marketing plan is up to par; you shouldn’t waste time hemming and hawing about it. Invest some money in one of these products for editing videos, and you may call it your own. Or better still, outsource people that can help you bring your ideas to life to your audience.

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