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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents: 7 Strategies for Gaining More Clients in 2022


Is it possible to utilize social media marketing to promote your real estate firm and gain more clients? According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), it’s powerful yes— you definitely can. The statistics state that 77 percent of real estate firms have discovered social media leads. The majority of homebuyers are between 22 and 40, which coincides with the most significant demographic of Facebook users, which has over 58 million members.

As a result, it’s clear to understand how social media may power your company’s growth. The problem is that you can’t just choose a random plan and see if it works. To succeed in real estate social media marketing, you need a plan.

This article will show you how to utilize social media to grow your real estate business. The ones we’ll cover are:

1. Concentrate On Real Estate-friendly Social Media Networks

First and foremost, not all social media platforms are beneficial to real estate brokers. Several social media platforms have shown to be quite helpful to realtors, like Facebook, Instagram, TiK ToK, Pinterest, and a slew of others. While some, such as Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media platforms, haven’t gotten off to a great start. 

This finding didn’t just come off the thin air; it’s an excellent study amongst countless real estate agents who use social media as their primary source of getting clients and interacting with them.

Below, I’ve given a satisfactory assessment of the best social media networks you can utilize to get more clients in 2022:


Real estate social media marketing relies heavily on Facebook. It’s a place where many first-time homebuyers spend an average of 38 minutes every day on the internet. Facebook is where a large chunk of your target demographic hangs out; therefore, you’ve got a jackpot of prospective leads.

Create a Facebook page for your company as a starting point. A business account allows you to use features such as page analytics and the opportunity to promote content to your audience that you would otherwise be unable to utilize on a personal account. If you want to get the most out of your Facebook posts, make sure to include photographs and videos.

If you want your postings to garner much attention, ask questions or offer stuff that your followers will find interesting, like a forthcoming local event. Holding a contest to raise awareness of your real estate page on social media is an excellent approach to growing your fan base if you’re just getting started and don’t currently have a huge one.


Realtors are embracing Instagram to the fullest. With over a billion active users every month, it is the ideal medium for your real estate social media marketing strategy implementation.

Instagram is primarily a visual-based app. That means you’ll have to focus more on the pictures and videos than the text, a departure from Facebook. But make sure your Instagram videos and photographs are visually appealing.

Add extra information to the photo or video’s caption, and put your contact information in the text as well. It is possible to create a single Instagram post that contains a sequence of photographs, which makes it a terrific method to showcase photos of a new real estate listing.


The emergence and virality of short videos have opened many opportunities for real estate agents. Since TikTok promotes your content more naturally than Facebook and Instagram, it provides an abundance of innovative approaches for generating leads. 

Among its many benefits in 2022 is that TikTok is still a relatively new social network, which means it has less competition and room to grow. Growing your TikTok can be very interesting and fun. 


If you don’t currently have a profile on LinkedIn, you should concentrate on creating B2B contacts. Connect with real estate agents, for example. As you are aware, networking goes a long way in real estate.

LinkedIn is also an excellent location to display your awards, accomplishments, and prior experiences. Create a professional LinkedIn page and begin interacting with realtors and others who might benefit from networking.

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2. Use Live Video To Show Off Your Listings.

Even though it’s tempting to skip the cost of filming and editing a video for the internet, it’s an essential part of real estate marketing. Think about this: Most people who buy homes buy based on what they see, and a well-made video can give them an emotional response that they might not have gotten from a photo-based listing alone.

Don’t believe us, but take our word for it. People who buy from you are the ones who are interested in your videos. Research shows that 85 percent of buyers and sellers prefer to work with real estate brokers whose social media marketing plans include video. Also, real estate listings that include videos get 403% more leads than ones that don’t.

But you can take a considerable step forward by making the videos live. Facebook and Instagram both support live video, which is excellent.

As soon as you go live, your audience can interact with you and ask you questions in real-time. With a virtual tour of your most sought-after homes, you can give your clients the best prices. Consider it a “virtual open house,” where viewers may tour the property and get answers to their queries from the comfort of their own homes.

Also, YouTube is a platform you should never forget. Your website will also rank higher in search engines like Google, where many people who want to buy or rent a home start their search.

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3. Educate Your Buyer With Interesting Information And Guides

Most real estate agents who use social media to promote their business know that their posts should be geared toward generating leads. That’s significant, but it doesn’t take into account customers who have previously purchased or used your products or services. If you want to grow your client base, you need to produce and distribute material that helps you keep them happy.

The best method to achieve this is through educational posts and guides, answering questions, and solving your current customers’ and followers’ issues. Additionally, they help you become the go-to person for all of their questions.

Also, give recent updates about the happenings in the real estate market to your followers to keep them abreast. 

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4. Integrate Storytelling To Hook Your Audience

As a real estate agent, you must know how to tell stories— stories that would captivate your audience from start to finish. According to marketing guru Seth Godin: “People buy stories not stuff, and it’s stories that spread, not stuff.”

How do you use storytelling in your real estate business to your advantage using your social media networks?

First and foremost, determine the history of the house. Perhaps it has something to do with the history of the town in which it is located. Alternatively, it might be due to the distinctive characteristics that the original owners included. When selling a two-story brownstone in Dallas, Texas, sell a “piece of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo” rather than the house itself. Share the house history on your Facebook page as a post, and create a story around it on Instagram and Tiktok. 

Second, create a mental image for the buyer. Instead of discussing the kitchen’s central island, have them envision making snacks for their visitors while sipping wine, laughing, and telling stories about their summer trips.

Third, elicit emotion. Emotion is used in good property stories to make the buyer question, “What will happen next after purchase?” or “How would living in this place feel?”

5. Share Clients Testimonials and Wins

When you share your Clients’ testimonials and their wins, prospects will automatically lean toward your services. Eighty-four percent of social network users trust your page’s reviews. When they witness satisfied customers, they have faith in your service. Use social media to show the world how your job makes people happy. Request a testimonial every time you have a satisfied customer. A satisfied customer is usually willing to write a testimonial for you.

Is it possible to overuse testimonials? Not exactly. The greater the amount of social evidence you can provide, the better. You don’t have to stick to testimonials for social proof. You may as well tell your audience about all of your victories. Here are a few methods you can run using your social media platforms:

  • Share your customers’ video testimonials on Instagram Story and TikTok.
  • Fill your Facebook page’s “Review” area with their gushing 5-star reviews.
  • Make a story on your Linkedin page on how you solved a client’s nagging problem.

 6. Interact With Your Followers With Sufficient Engagement

Social media is a cost-effective way to build relationships. But you can’t just like everyone’s comments on your posts. Respond with a nice comment. Answer as many as you can. People in your DMs are definitely warm leads.  In social media marketing, you often create content for an audience you don’t know. Once they are in your DMs, you can learn more about their needs and provide for their wants.

Email marketing is another excellent way to develop a long-term relationship with a potential lead. Use social media to build your mailing list and keep in touch with warm leads via email. You can email newsletters and follow-ups.

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7. Be Consistent

Communicating inconsistently with your current and potential clients can harm your business. Social media algorithms like Instagram favor posts that get more engagement (comments, likes, and unique views). And you need to be consistent with your content if you want more engagement.

Consistency also helps keep your name in your followers’ and viewers’ minds, so they don’t cross over to another’s content.

You can use social media scheduling software for your posts in advance. Your presence will be built automatically while meeting with clients, working open houses, and attending closings. This method makes it simple to post several times a day.

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Finally, keep in mind that you don’t have to develop all of this content from scratch. Share, retweet, or link to other valuable real estate content to help bolster your efforts. Your clients are an excellent source of content, whether a quote from a testimonial or a picture of them celebrating a new home.


Social media has quickly risen to the top of the priority list in any realtor’s marketing toolset. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to feel overwhelmed by the situation anymore. When you use the suggestions above to establish your real estate marketing plan, you’ll be able to attract a large audience, keep them engaged, and generate more revenue for yourself.

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