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Save Our Sellers From Danger


Some of these companies out here are taking things to a whole new level and we need to take some action.

You won’t believe what happened to me the other day.

I showed some clients a property and they wanted to make an offer. I noticed on the MLS sheet that it said all offers should be submitted through a specific website.

I noticed this was weird and abnormal to me because it wasn’t like an auction or HUD property. But I did it anyway.

On this website, you basically typed the offer like you were filling out an online survey or a questionnaire. When you’re finished, you basically just click a submit button and the offer is sent to the seller.

2 days went by and I received a counter offer. I had to log in to this dashboard to view the counteroffer which basically looked just like the form that I filled out. So I called this company to figure out how all of this works and who was behind this.

Basically, this is a website for sellers to act as the real estate agent and there’s just an agent there who are signing their name on the line or brokering the deal.

I was blown away and I immediately knew that I wanted no parts of this.

This NEEDS to stop.

The only way I feel it will stop is if WE as REALTORS step up and really show our true value.

Homeowners aren’t feeling like they need a REALTOR so it’s up to us to not just show them but prove to them why they need us.

Don’t let a website or a lower commission win over you. Something I want you to start doing is showing an insane amount of value in everything you do.

Give before you receive. That’s my motto.

Anyway, if you want to learn how to really show value in ways like never before, check out the Power Unit. It’s the one thing that can really help you take your business to the next level and grow like never before.

But time is of the essence.

Every day you’re not in a solid coaching program is a day lost against the competition. There’s proven statistics on the difference a coach can make for someone.

Time to get in the game.

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