realtors that dont make sense
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Realtors that don’t make sense


Some things just don’t make sense to me. Especially in this real estate world. In fact, the longer I’m in real estate and deal with other Realtors (and hear from other Realtors) the more “don’t make no sense” things I see and hear.

Take the following for example:

1. Realtors who think and claim they know it all.

2. Agents who go into listing appointments and say they are “expert marketers” but can’t even market themselves.

3. Putting everyone on the same drip campaign that the big brokerage offers thinking it’s so original.

4. Using a headshot that doesn’t look like you…today

5. Realtors who want people to invest in them but don’t want to invest in themselves.

6. Agents who blame the “market changing” as the reason they have no business.

7.  Procrastinating on doing a task because the task will take a long time to accomplish.

8. Only posting marketing flyers or advertisements and wondering why people unfollow.

9. Changing brokers 5+ times and not realizing that the broker isn’t the problem.

10. Thinking that “free advice” is going to get them where they need to be.

There are probably 100 other things to tack onto this list. But then, I’d just be blabbering and wasting my time and your time. And that wouldn’t make any sense either.

If you’re unfamiliar with my First 31 Days program, it’s a comprehensive 31-day ACTION PLAN for your real estate business. It’s been reviewed several times and many other agents have found great success with it. Don’t let this “market turn” put you out of the real estate business because you’re not equipped to handle it.

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