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Real Estate Team Building: Crafting Website Content for Maximum Impact

Learn the best practices for crafting website content for your real estate team’s “Meet the Team” page. Communicate with your team, hire a professional photographer, and involve your team in the bio review process. Get more tips at [](

Real Estate Team Building: Best Practices for Crafting Website Content


In the built environment, relationships, referrals, and human connections are crucial for businesses. One essential element of showcasing your company culture, industry standards, and brand identity is your staff bios or “Meet the Team” page on your website. This page should not be overlooked or hastily put together. Instead, it should be carefully crafted to provide compelling and practical content. When potential customers and clients visit your website, they want to learn about your brand and the people they may work closely with in the future. It is essential to build your staff page and individual biographies thoughtfully to ensure they reflect your brand story accurately.

Best Practices for Crafting Website Content

When developing a plan for your staff page and real estate team member bios, it is crucial to communicate with your team early and often. Set clear standards for appropriate attire during photo shoots and provide ample notice to avoid any excuses for missing the session. Additionally, request updated resumes and completed bio information from your team members, as writing about oneself can be challenging. To inspire your team, provide them with bio copy examples. For professional headshots and group photos, consider hiring a professional photographer. This will ensure a consistent and professional look for your team photos.

Understanding your culture and brand identity is essential in creating effective team pages and bios. There is no specific rule for how many staff members to feature on your team page; it should be decided on a case-by-case basis. However, it is crucial to decide in advance the categories of information you want to include in each bio. Although the length of each bio can vary, the content categories should be consistent. Including your team in the process and allowing them to review their bios before publication is also essential for creating a sense of participation.


To create an impactful team page and compelling staff bios for your real estate business, follow these best practices:

  1. Communicate with your team early and often, providing clear standards for photo shoots and requesting updated resumes and bio information.
  2. Hire a professional photographer for headshots and group photos to ensure a consistent and professional look.
  3. Understand your culture and brand identity to create effective team pages and bios.
  4. Decide on the appropriate number of staff members to feature on your team page based on your business size.
  5. Be consistent with content categories in each bio, but allow for variation in bio length.
  6. Involve your team in the bio review process to ensure accuracy and participation.

By implementing these tips, you can create a cohesive and compelling staff page that accurately represents your brand story. For more assistance with shaping your brand story, visit

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