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Real Estate Client Testimonials

Discover real estate client testimonials highlighting our exceptional service and proven results. See why our clients trust us with their real estate needs.

Sally S.

When my husband and I decided to return to the greater Chicago area when he retired, I set out to find a realtor who would be the best fit for us. Relocating was not something new to us since we had made seven moves over the course of his career and were used to working with realtors in various parts of the country. We identified some areas north of Chicago that we thought would be of most interest to us and then started looking for a realtor.

Finding the Right Realtor

Our daughter, who lives in the Chicago area helped us collect as many recommendations as we could as well as scouring the internet for the best possible firm to help us in our search for a new home. Based on the recommendations, the realtor’s websites and reviews, we came up with a list of about 4 or 5 realtors that we thought could be a good match for us. We did phone interviews with each of them. After much research we decided Alberts and Maletsky would be the team we would enjoy working with the most. Our research paid off.

Alberts and Maletsky: A Team That Works Hard for You

In all of our years of moving around we never had a realtor work harder for us. Stephanie and Beth listened to everything we said. On our first outing we gave them a very long list of houses we wanted to see over a three day period. Not only did they fit all of them in but as they saw our reaction to some of the houses they quickly figured out what we were looking for and started adding some extra houses that they thought would be of interest to us. They even arranged for us to see some houses that were coming on the market but were not actually listed yet.

Responsive and Efficient

Although we worked primarily with Stephanie, she and Beth work as a team. Sometimes they would even tag team with one of them showing us houses for part of the day and the other one taking over for the rest of the day. We were shocked at how quickly they responded to our requests for information or research. It was always provided immediately. No calls went unanswered. If we left a voice message we always knew we would get a call back in a few minutes.

Ready to Make the Move

When the right house came on the market, we were ready and confident to move on it quickly. You can’t go wrong with Alberts and Maletsky. They do an incredible job!

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