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Open House Email Follow Up Template With 57% Open Rate


Following up after an open house is a necessary step to try to convert an open house visitor into your next buyer. There are several strategies to follow up with open house visitors. Those strategies could include calling them, sending them a video message, or even handwriting and mailing them a card. One quick and simple strategy that still works today is the good ole’ email drip campaign. It’s still a surefire marketing strategy to send a follow-up email after your real estate open houses.

The tool I use to send follow up emails is called ConvertKit. It’s one of the more simpler, plug and play solutions that will give you the capabilities of a true marketer. With ConvertKit you can assign tags, view open rates, create automatic email follow-ups, send mass broadcast emails, and more.

The best time to send your open house follow up email is immediately following the open house. Try to do it within the hour of your open house concluding. Luckily tools like ConvertKit make that very simple to do. This is an opportunity for you to show the prospective buyer that you are on top of things.

Your first email to them should be non-intimidating and should not try to convert them to your client. This is a mistake that many agents do and unfortunately, it does not yield good results. The mission of your first open house follow up email is to simply thank them for attending your open house and open the lines of communication. The way we open the lines of communication is by asking them for feedback.

A few strategies we use in this open house email is gratitude, social proof, scarcity, and a call to action.

Here’s an example of the open house follow up email I use in my real estate business.

Subject: John, Can I get your opinion?

Dear John,

It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife Amy today at my open house. I really appreciate you stopping by. 

Today, we had about 12 different families stop by and it seemed that the overall feedback was pretty good. 

I wanted to send you a quick email to get a real perspective on what you thought about the property or what we could do differently to help get it sold. As you know, the market is softening so I really value each and every person’s opinion, including yours. 

Here are just a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer for me:

What did you think about the price? 

Did you feel like there were any make or break repairs that we should get done?

What was your overall feel and vibe of the home? 

I really appreciate your time John and this is extremely helpful. Please reply back to this email when you get a chance. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,


and that’s it.

Again, this email does a few things. We are showing gratitude by thanking them for attending our event and also thanking them for taking the time out to write back to us. Next, we are showing social proof when we tell them how many people visited the open house and what they thought about the property. We are giving an element of scarcity by telling them how many people stopped by that could potentially want to buy the property right from under them. Lastly, we are including a call to action by asking them to reply back through email. Although we would love to get them on the phone or in a face to face meeting, the truth is, some people just aren’t ready for that. It can come off quite intimidating.

Using this email templated partnered with a tool like the ConvertKit autoresponder could really boost your response rates to your open house follow up email. I average about a 57% open rate with about a 37% response rate, which is great for a follow-up email.

Try it and let me know your results.

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