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What Is The Real Before The Estate Masterclass?

The Real Before The Estate Masterclass is an intimate yet interactive experience with celebrity real estate agent Chastin J. Miles. In this power packed session, you will success stories, growth strategies, and the path that any aspiring real estate agent should take to build a solid and profitable real estate business. 

* It is NOT a SECRET GET RICH QUICK presentation but it is an experience that will help you turn your curiousness about the real estate career into a reality.

*It is NOT a “how-to” internet training for real estate agents but it is a  real-life practical real estate agents training. 

* It is NOT about making a quick commission but it is about changing your path to make long lasting life changes. .

Lack of sales and being stuck in the same place years is just an indication of a much bigger problem. The Real Before The Estate LIVE is not here to help you get a quick fix but it is here to address the root cause of all your problems and dramatically create lasting change in your life and in your business. 




March 16

Dalla​s, TX

About The Speaker

My name is Chastin J. Miles, an award-winning and accomplished real estate agent. I started off in Dallas, TX and had to struggle like most agents.  Through the six years of my career, I have managed to turn things around and now I sit among the best. I have won over 10 awards in the short period including The 2017 Best Real Estate Agent by D Magazine and the 2018 Top Social Media Expert Texas by Top Agent Magazine. My work has been featured in over 8 magazines and TV shows. I could go on and on about my success but this is not about me. This is about you and what you need to break through. 

The Real Before The Estate is a book I wrote specifically to help those trying to scale up the ladder in the industry. Before you close that page, let me be very clear, am giving out this book absolutely free of charge. Keep your credit card away and just pay a little attention for the sake of your career. 

It took me over six years of making mistakes, interacting with industry leaders, and making tough decisions to acquire this knowledge.  If I had the knowledge I have now when I started I would be very far in my career. But I don’t regret it; through years of experience, I have managed to reach the peak of my career. Now I use my knowledge to mentor upcoming agents.

I don’t want you to learn the hard way.  You can now get your copy of the Real Before The Estate simply click here.

Top Real Estate Secrets To Expect IN The Real Before The Estate Book:

This book is designed to help anyone trying to make it in the real estate world. The topics covered here strike at the core of real estate challenges that newcomers have to face. The Real Before The Estate is broken Into 6 sections:

1.The Big Why?The elephant in the room is understanding WHY you want to be a real estate agent. Get to understand why it is hard for beginners and how you can get into the six-figure bracket by answering these questions.

2. The Big How?Should you quit your job when you’re first licensed or should you wait until you sell a certain amount? Once you know why you want to pursue a real estate career, you need some advice on how. This part opens your eyes to the reality in the industry. Get to understand the steps to take first and which ones to avoid. One mistake at this stage can be fatal.

3. Which Way To Go!Agents vs Brokers and investors; which is the best option for you? Get an incisive look at your options. Discover the best path that leads to six figures. 

4. Getting Your License;Get tips on how to get licensed; a step by step process that will help you ace your exams and get your license in no time. You’ll get insight on real estate schools, brokerages, and your first steps when you get a license.

5. Understanding The Business:Get the real taste of the game. How do you navigate and differentiate the real client situations? Pave your way to the top of your career by getting the details of the game. Learn how to meet your set goals and create relationships with industry players.6.Working The Business:I call it walking the talk. At this stage, you are 100 percent guaranteed of making sales. Get the details on how to get and close deals, make the right investments, and maintain your business schedule and cycle.

* Hardcopies will be given at the event but feel free to bring your own and have it autographed. 

What You Will Learn At The Event

– Secrets used by successful real estate agents

– Tips on how to make the right career choices

– Tips on how to generate leads

– Tips on how to ace exams and Interviews

Secret information on where to gain knowledge and experience

– Tips on how to work with the different types of clients

– Practical steps to making your first sale

– Real estate investment insights- bad and good

 – Cold calling strategies

– Steps to hit the six-figure income targets

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