Lessons From The Cmo

Lessons from the CMO of the Dallas Mavericks


One of the best things that happened this week…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to receive some insights and training from the Chief Marketing Officer of the Dallas Mavericks (NBA Team for those of you who don’t know). The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is the highest marketing position in pretty much any company. He spoke on some really important topics that I feel like we can relate to our real estate businesses. I want to share some of my takeaways with you:

– We may not have the same budget for marketing as the Dallas Mavericks but we can provide the same experience that a Mavericks game can provide (in our own way). People pay for an experience.

– Many companies spend a lot of money on data and research. Agents need to tap into that. Tap into demographic trends for your own areas. Not just who’s moving in and out but who are building churches, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. You will notice trends in areas.

– Target people who are there around you instead of always looking for the next.

– When you are marketing and sending people stuff, know what you are sending them and what is your goal with it. Don’t just aimlessly market.

– Watch your marketing growth. Pay attention to what’s working and what is not. Expand on what’s working and minimize what’s not working.

– Watch the way other billion dollar companies are marketing and apply what you can. These companies spend a lot of money and research become launching a marketing campaign.

This was quite an insightful class and I hope some of my takeaways can help you in your business also.

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