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How To Explode Your Real Estate Leads With Incentive Marketing


As a real estate agent, you should always have a steady flow of active leads to help increase your revenue. These leads will probably come from a very specific target audience that usually has specific ideas and immediate needs. But there are so many more potential clients out there who may not be thinking about buying or selling a home in the near future. How do you attract their attention?

Honestly, real estate marketing is no different than marketing any other consumer product. You have to sell it by appealing to the consumers’ basic needs, raving about the benefits of having the product or service, and even offering perceived value — that “something extra” that the customer will see as enhancing their overall experience.

Why not offer that “something extra” to your real estate clients? After all, you’re not just selling them a home — you’re selling them and fulfilling their dreams.

One approach would be to include a vacation incentive as a bonus to your services. One thing just about every working person dreams of is a relaxing vacation. Many pass on taking them because of the expenses involved. However, if they can find a good deal on a luxurious getaway — or get an offer for one as a bonus — they might be inclined to look at your offer. I’ve been offering vacations in my real estate business through a great, affordable subscription service that businesses can use to offer these vacations to prospective clients for a very little cost.

Instead of shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy a vacation package and pay an advertising firm to market if for you, this company offers you the opportunity to access a travel booking agency, a video promotion company and a full support department at your fingertips. All you have to do is select the vacation you’d like to offer and attach it to any current promotion you’re running. For example:

Here’s an example of one of the done-for-you graphics I’ve used to get listing leads:

The good thing is, there are no timeshare seminars to sit through or forced upgrades or add-ons to the vacation packages. The only thing your clients would have to come out of pocket for would be the resort fees and taxes and any other amenities they choose: room service, spa, restaurants, and any additional nights added to the stay. Considering these vacation packages are often worth anywhere from $500 to $1000, that’s still a memorable experience for near pennies.

Other than fulfilling your personal offer details, there are no other requirements to for them take full advantage of these incentives. Keep in mind that these trips only cover what is specifically outlined; extra days, room service, flights, and taxes, for example, will be their responsibility. Given the cost of travel nowadays, this would provide a memorable experience for only pennies on the dollar.

You can attach a vacation offer to new and past clients alike, and the testimonials they give following their excursions can serve as customer referrals for even more lead generation.

Not many people would pass up a trip to relax after all of the tasks involved with buying or selling a house. Offering vacation incentives is an excellent attention-getter for clients in all phases of the home buying process.

Want to increase your leads and sales exponentially by using these incentives? Find out more by clicking here. And as always, please subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel for more information about all things real estate.

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