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Building Empires and Leaving Legacies: A New Perspective for Real Estate Professionals


Have you ever paused amid your busy day and asked yourself, “What exactly am I building?” Is it an empire, revered for its magnitude and short-lived success, or a legacy that endures and resonates long after you’re gone?

While seemingly similar, these two concepts are worlds apart. Empires, though impressive, are transient in nature, built on tangible successes like deals closed and targets met. On the contrary, legacies are forged from the influence we wield and the inspiring trails we blaze. They stem from the impact we create, and the lessons we teach, and echo our most meaningful successes.

Each day, as we conquer tasks and accomplish goals, we need to reassess – are these victories contributing to something larger, something lasting? Are we on track to building a legacy, or just a temporary empire?

Now, this is not to diminish the importance of material success. As real estate professionals, we should aim for it. But remember, we must not let these immediate victories blind us from seeing the bigger picture. As the saying goes, don’t miss the forest for the trees.

Here’s how you can differentiate the two. Legacies are about leaving a profound mark, something that goes beyond just being remembered. It’s about being impactful in a way that your spirit, influence, and inspiration outlive your existence. This is the essence of legacy building – it’s deep, meaningful, and lasting.

Those who have managed to create legacies foster connectivity, community, and unwavering positivity. They look beyond their physical selves. Their influence far outlives their lifespan, because they’ve chosen to focus obsessively on the legacy they’re building.

Here are three actionable steps to start shaping your legacy today:

1. Reframe Your Vision: Re-examine your grand plan. Is it aimed towards building an empire or crafting a legacy? If it’s the former, reconnect with your purpose, with the ‘why’ that fuels your passion and drives your actions.

2. Embrace Mentoring: Be a beacon of wisdom, mentor future leaders. Share your lessons, experiences, and values. Influence others positively and expand your impact through them.

3. Be Adaptable: Understand that change is a constant. It’s inevitable. Being a legacy builder involves evolving, adapting, and learning, every single day.

Switch the lens, adjust your focus and see the bigger picture. Let’s not just exist, let’s live. Live in a way that every step you take brings you closer to your legacy.

So, real estate agents, the question is, are you ready to make the shift? The legacy o’clock is ticking.

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