Broker Review Toolkit

“Get Rid O​f The Guesswork And Countless Overwhelming Interviews When Selecting A Real Estate Broker”

Choosing a real estate broker can seem like a never-ending task, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Most real estate brokerages will tell you that they are the best in town. The Broker Review Toolkit was created to help you make a well informed and wise decision when you are choosing which real estate broker to hang your license with. 

What’s Included In The Toolkit

The Brokerage Evaluator Calculator – This is a quick and easy to use tool to help you see if a brokerage is really a good fit for you based on what they say in interviews compared to what you need as a person. 

Market Share Calculator & Startup Fees CalculatorThis tool will help you really evaluate a brokerage based on cost you will incur and also how much market share they truly have. 

100% Commission Brokers & Top 50 Nationwide Brokers – This tool will give you an inside look at the brokerages that offer the highest commission splits and also are the highest ranked brokerages nationwide. 

and more…