rejected as an agent

Being REJECTED as an agent


I’ve tried so many things in my real estate business, hoping that they would give me the big break I was looking for. 

It was kind of like that feeling of instant gratification. 

I would try something, fail at it, and move on. Then I would fail again, and again, and again. 

What I noticed though is, out of every one of those failures, there was a lesson. 

It was during the times of failure that I would get these lessons and experience growth. Each and every time, there was something I learned that actually propelled me. 

I didn’t see it at that moment, but I see it now.

The growth that I’ve experienced in my business actually came from moments of failure. 

A big listing I got came from failing at the 5 previous listing appointments. The buyer I got to work with me came as a result of being rejected by the 20 previous buyers. The failure and rejection were exactly what I needed to really make this work. 

This is so important because every time I failed, I WANTED to give up. 

I was ready to throw in the towel because I was convinced that real estate just wasn’t for me. 

This was another sign of my immature thinking, but I didn’t let it get the best of me. In all the failure, I knew one thing. I couldn’t quit, EVER. 

If you’ve been experiencing some failures lately, I want you to know, you are actually propelling toward the big break. 

You may not see it now but just like me, you’ll see it in the future. 

Don’t quit! and I’m not just talking about quitting as an agent, I’m talking about quitting whatever action you’ve been working on that you THINK is not working. 

It’s working. Trust me.

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