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6 Ways to Generate High-Quality Content as a Busy Realtor


Content is king! I know you’ve probably read this countless times. Of course, that’s the truth; content is definitely king.

However, a lot of hard work is required to create high-quality, in-depth studies and detailed research content. This is because not everyone has enough spare time in their daily schedules to achieve that, particularly real estate agents.

As a realtor, how are you supposed to produce high-quality material for your blog or social media platforms if you are always going from one meeting to another and handling the day-to-day operations of your business?

We may count ourselves fortunate that this process has been much eased by the availability of tools and materials on the internet, which can be found within a snap of the fingers.

I have shared below six ways to get a head start with your content, posting quality and in-depth content when you have just a little time in the world.

1. Repurpose Your Video And Audio Content

The surest way to quickly develop quality-packed content in minutes is to repurpose your video or audio content by conversion or transcription. You can decide to convert your previous audio recordings and videos into text and make a beautiful blog or social media post out of them. This will enable you to crank out masterpiece content for your business. One of the best tools out there for this purpose is The website effortlessly helps transcribe your audio and video recordings and make them text with 90% accuracy.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

  • Shred a video on your YouTube channel and a blog post, followed by three TikTok videos and three grid postings.
  • You could also make three Instagram Reels, a bunch of email sequences, and some Facebook posts from a YouTube video.
  • You could also make three Twitter threads, two Facebook posts, and three TikTok videos using the video you uploaded to YouTube.

Another good way to quickly come up with high-quality blog posts is to record voice notes and then have those notes typed up. A smartphone and a note-taking application, such as Google Keep or Evernote, are required. The content of your voice notes may be converted into text.

You could, however, copy the content into a new document and then refine it there or submit it to a freelance editor. Video clips are also possible. It is possible to verbally dictate your post into your smartphone and then have it transcribed and altered at a later time.

2. Outsource Your Content

Another way to escape The trouble with content creation is that you have to outsource your content to professionals. You can not escape outsourcing your content as a super-busy real estate agent. This will give you a lot of time to go about your business without thinking of creating content for a real estate company.

Hire a content production freelancer to perform the grunt work for you so you can focus on the broader picture while they handle it for you. If you want to get the most out of outsourcing, you should ensure that the agency you hire has a pool of talented writers with expertise in the subject matter relevant to your niche. This is an excellent method for conserving time and money while producing high-quality material.

For your blog, hire competent and professional writers to help you research and write incredible and SEO-inclined blog posts for your website. You can do this by going to freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

If it’s videos and images, hire a professional scriptwriter to help you craft winning scripts for your Youtube channel, and hire competent graphic designers to help you source images that resonate with your brand and business.

3. Schedule Your Content With Auto-Poster

Spending an insurmountable amount of effort developing, publishing, and evaluating content across so many different touchpoints is possible. However, this would take a considerable toll on your daily activities. Unless, of course, you make use of the many forms of social media automation.

This will result in less time spent on repetitive postings, faster reaction times, and more time and data being made available to you so that you may produce more interesting and engaging content for your audience.

Some of the automation tools you can use are Hootsuite Publisher, Social Pilot, ContentStudio, Sendible, Buzzsumo, and many others.

But note that not every aspect of your content on social media can or should be automated. It may seem like stating the obvious, but you should steer clear of any automated strategy that gives the impression that your brand is careless, spammy, or false.

Users who are informed about social media platforms, for example, are quick to spot hired bots that like, follow, and comment on posts. However, some good bots can deliver information that is beneficial to their followers.

4. Batch Your Content

Planning and batching your content is an excellent way to manage your time effectively. This will give you a head start and an outline of what will come next. It automatically takes minutes of thinking, cranking, and formulating thin ideas in your head.

Your batch posting could go like this:

Batch processing for social media content:

Monday: Create captions using the content from previous blog posts.

Tuesday: Create Graphics & Photographic Content

Wednesday: Record Videos

Thursday: Video editing software (Th)

Friday: Upload/Schedule

Batch processing for blog content

Monday: Outline and Draft Blog Post

Tuesday: Write and Finalize the Blog Post

Wednesday: input Design Assets/Images

Thursday: Optimize for SEO

Friday – Upload/Schedule

If you want it quicker for the blog post, you might want to try the “3-day writing flow.” It goes like this:

Day 1 – Research a new article

Day 2 – Write the article you researched, and research a new article.

Day 3 – Edit the article you wrote, write the article you researched, and research a new article.

5. Look Out For Guest Contributors

If you want to pull back from content creation but don’t have the means to outsource yet, consider looking for an alternative in guest posting. Seek out guest contributors that are eager to submit blog entries. Since creating connections requires effort and time, it’s in your best interest to work with regular contributors who will contribute pieces consistently in return for visibility on your blog and social platforms.

Depending on your blog’s audience and your social media platforms’ prominence, you may only be able to work with fresh faces in your sector first. If your site is deep-rooted and highly-regarded, prominent industry personalities could be prepared to donate to reach a new audience. Your blog will increase in value due to your connection with influential people in this manner.

6. Update & Reshare Evergreen And High-Quality Content

There is no valid reason why the material you painstakingly create for your website should simply have a short moment in the limelight after all the work and effort you put into producing it. Instead, you should reshare it across all your social platforms to turn it into the focal point of a new discussion.

You may also profit from updating content that is not evergreen, particularly if you discover the content on your website that performs the best. Create a list of the blog articles that have received the most significant traffic over the course of the previous year, and then think of other ways that you might transform that high-performing material into a string of blog entries.

Also, most Instagram posts can be reshared by adding more timely information and tips. Also, you can repurpose your TikTok short video posts by making them more trendy, spicy, and up-to-date.


It is crucial to remember that while content may be king, this does not imply that you should always put quantity ahead of quality. Give each piece of material the attention it deserves, and include each article, blog post, Instagram reels, TikTok video, or other pieces of content that requires an expert’s expertise in your long-term social plan. By following these steps, you may maximize your packed schedule’s effectiveness while maximizing the value of each type of content you produce.

Put an end to squandering your time producing content with a poor return on investment (ROI). Keep these suggestions close, and begin obtaining the worth you want from the stuff you need right now.

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