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20 Video Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2022


Many real estate agents don’t know the importance of video marketing. Their nonchalant attitude toward video marketing is not far-fetched; either they haven’t seen the real impact of video content in their business, or they’ve run out of video content ideas to run with.

If you are one of those agents who still rely on photos to do the job for you, then you’re truly missing a lot. Images can give the impression that a space is 30 feet wide. Because video is more difficult to fake than other forms of evidence, a buyer will feel more at ease making an offer on an item they have a video of.

You need to brace up as the marketing tide for the real estate market has finally tilted towards video content marketing. According to Inman’s research, property listings incorporating video content experience an astounding rise of 403% in the number of inquiries received.

Also, according to an analysis of video usage in marketing published on WireBuzz, video possesses four “superpowers,” which include attention, emotion, perceived value, and clarity. When combined and applied effectively, these four superpowers provide the real estate agents with everything they require in order to sell a home successfully.

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Video marketing is truly the best strategy for realtors to win high-ticket clients and sell multiple properties successfully. Still, a hitch accompanies agents willing to make video content marketing work for them, which is the lack of ideas for their videos.

Many real estate agents believe that the only way to include real estate video in their listings is to create a slideshow consisting of high-quality photographs or videotape themselves walking through a listing while holding their smartphone. While these may seem like a good idea, they don’t really cut it for an excellent marketing strategy.

Whether you are just getting started in the world of real estate video content or are seeking new ways to liven up your social feeds with amazing video content, below are twenty video content ideas you can splatter across your social media platforms.

1. House Tour/ Property Listing Video

Almost every agent who uses video content as one of their main marketing strategies doesn’t rule out this video. It’s actually the primary video type that attracts internet audiences to your Youtube channel or social media platforms. They are simply a must!

The idea is to show a touring video of a property or multiple properties that are already listed on the market. The purpose of this is to drive potential buyers to your page to make inquiries on how to get them.

You will need to record high-quality video from various vantage points to produce an immersive home tour with prospective buyers lining up at your door. Make sure you cover every part of the home while emphasizing any unique features and amenities. Covering the neighborhood would also be a plus.

2. Market Update

Because the trends in real estate are constantly shifting, it is essential to update them on what is happening in the market and give your customers relevant information so that they may make choices regarding real estate based on accurate information.

Market update videos are an excellent way to interact with prospective customers, distinguish yourself as a pioneer in your field, and create confidence in prospects’ minds as you take them through the stages of the purchasing process.

3. How To Qualify For a Mortgage

Many of your prospects don’t know if they qualify for a mortgage or not. And a lot of them don’t know the steps to take to apply for a mortgage. This type of video will take them away from ignorance to the limelight.

Show them the process they need to take before they can apply for a mortgage.

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4. “Just Sold” Video

Share your successes by recording videos highlighting the real estate properties you’ve already sold. Homeowners who are unsure about whether or not they should sell their property with you may see these videos to get a sense of the homes and other properties that you have previously sold. It not only proves that you are capable of selling a property, but it also highlights the kinds of homes that you often represent as a real estate agent.

And the preparation is a breeze! Once a property is removed from the market, all you need to do to update your original listing video is repurpose it by adding some new text and images of “Sold” signs.

5. The Most Expensive Listings in Your Area

You may decide to make a video of the most expensive listings in your neighborhood. This can be achieved by making a carousel of videos of the proposed listings. This type of video helps potential buyers to have multiple choices they can choose from.

What kinds of facilities are available in the surrounding area? Is it at a location that is easily accessible? Are there gatherings for the community? How would you describe the schools? Your video about the area may contain all of this information in its narrative.

Check out my video of a $1.5 Mil House in McKinney, Texas as a perfect example.

6. New restaurant highlight

Everybody loves to eat in a tastefully furnished and exquisite restaurant. A video of such a restaurant could be a selling point for you. That alone could trigger some potential buyers to go for the properties listed beside an incredible restaurant.

Make a video detailing all the incredible perks the restaurant has in store, then look for a listing that’s not far from the restaurant and make a close comparison of them.

7. Client Testimonial Video

A video testimonial is an excellent method to demonstrate to prospective customers that you have a strong track record of satisfied customers. Your customers will have the opportunity to share with the world why they enjoy working with you through the use of a testimonial video.

You may construct a video showcasing some of your glowing testimonials even if you don’t have real video footage of customers praising your work and recommending it to others.

8. “About Me” Agent Video

One of the most effective methods to offer prospective customers a sense of who you are and whether or not they would want to deal with you is to create a video about yourself. Make use of this video to assist prospective customers in associating your name with a face and a personality. Include a headshot of yourself, any honors or distinctions you’ve been given, testimonials from prior customers, and most crucially, your contact information.

9. What NOT to do when buying a home Video

As a professional agent, you must keep your followers and audience abreast of what not to do when purchasing a home. You can achieve this by explaining to them some of the mistakes to avoid when getting a new home.

Explain to them in a video common mistakes such as maxing out their credit card debt, financing a luxury car, changing jobs, and other errors.

10. What NOT to do when selling your home Video

This type of video also comes in handy for your followers who are planning to sell their homes. All you have to do is make a video explaining the ills to avoid when selling their homes.

The video could be a TikTok video that is illustrated through texts and music or made using Instagram Reel.

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11. How To Choose a Real Estate Agent Video

Many potential buyers don’t know what to look out for in an agent. This is where you come in by explaining what to look out for in an agent. Differentiate between a seller and buyer agent. Tilt the discussion to how reputable you are and can reach you.

12. Real Estate Explainer Video

Create an explanation video about real estate and use it to demonstrate your knowledge. Provide an explanation of real estate tenets that prospective customers might be looking for. Not only does it allow you the chance to get discovered by new prospective customers who are seeking, but it also demonstrates to house sellers who are choosing whether or not they would want to do business with you that you know your thing, which is an important factor in their decision.

13. Mistakes Made Video

Another idea is to make a video in which you talk about a mistake you made and how you improved as a result of it.

This concept may work well for Instagram Stories or Reels, so you might want to consider using it there. You may, on the other hand, talk about something closer to your heart.

You may make a video in which you discuss how, when you first began out in real estate, you made the error of going, going, and going all the time, which led to you being exhausted. You now make it a priority to relax and spend time with the people who are important to you, and you encourage other people to follow your lead and do the same. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential, but your commitment to your customers will never waver.

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14. Real Estate Agent Nightmares Video

Many agents are still hiding their nightmares under the blanket; This is the time to let them out. This is the right medium to share with your followers the things you dread as an agent. It will take them to the emotional side of the business and loosen whatever resistance they might be having toward you. This is a great strategy to have them in their emotional state and work ways on how they can become your clients.

15. Local Business Highlight Video

Promoting companies located within your immediate area is a great method to demonstrate to prospective customers that you are familiar with the surrounding neighborhood. Aside from that, it enables you to build relationships with people who work in local firms and who could refer you to the people they know as well as their clients and acquaintances. You should also tag the companies that are featured in these videos when you share them on social media.

16. Pricing a Home Video

Pricing a home has a lot of technicalities to it. If done wrongly, it could lead to failure in selling such homes. That’s why you must educate your audience on how best to price their home. Make a video by giving them some tips on how to do that.

17. Where To Find The Best Home Decor Video

You can also decide to go all out for your clients and followers by showing them where they can get the best home decor for their new and potential homes. This would be on a lighter note as you go on a “shopping spree” to help your audience shop for what’s best for them.

18. Misconception Versus Reality Video

Nowadays, people watch a lot of movies that project real estate as a different thing from what we view as agents. Correcting those misconceptions and showing the real reality of things can be achieved with this video idea.

For example, create an Instagram Reel or a TikTok video of you dressed professionally and strolling around a house. This video shows “how individuals see real estate.” In the following section, you’re juggling ten things at a go with numerous cups of coffee and phones bursting at the seams.

Keep things light and fun. If you want to be more personal, shoot a lengthier video on what you imagined real estate would be like on Youtube, what it is like, and why you love it. Either concept shows your real estate agent life.

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19. School Tour Video

Oftentimes, a buyer’s choice on whether or not to make an offer on a new property is often influenced by the schools located in the area. Sharing a video overview of the local school system with prospective purchasers of houses that are geared toward families might make it simpler for them to evaluate whether or not the property meets their needs.

20. My Office Video

Showing your workspace and the tools you use daily to get the job done would go a long way in convincing the doubters and making them believers in your service. In the video, make your office feel like a sanctuary where you tackle whatever comes to you successfully. This would go a long way toward earning the trust of your potential customers.


The idea behind creating video content for your audience isn’t all about making high-quality videos; in fact, you can make do with your smartphone, tablet, and iPad if you can think of a unique video content idea you can dish for your followership.

The above 20 video ideas can get you started quickly. And as you go, you can choose to be creative by adding more interesting videos to your catalog of ideas. Constantly doing that will tremendously elevate your brand and attracts more clients to your business.

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