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10 Proven Strategies for Real Estate Agents to Get Quality Leads in 2022


Getting leads is a must for real estate agents, but most new agents don’t know the proven ways that actually generate leads for their real estate business. And some who know the real strategies either find it tasking or expensive.

If you’ve been struggling with getting authentic leads for your real estate business and have been hitting a dead end lately, then there are sure tactics you can employ to get the best quality leads available in your market. 

The encouraging news is that quite a few real estate lead-generating tactics are both successful and cost nothing. To be eligible for these free real estate leads, you must be willing to put in some effort.

Below are the ten surest strategies you can apply to get real estate leads in 2022.

Lead Strategy 1: Social Media And Online Ads

Generating leads has become so easy that you do not have to pay a dime before you can generate quality real estate leads on social media platforms. You can make your identity known to others by posting regularly, interacting with other users, and establishing connections within your community. Keep in mind that the real estate market is local, although the internet is not; if you don’t want your efforts to go to waste, you should particularly target the local community.

Also, You can take it a step further by placing ads on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and a host of others. You might want to consider putting online ads directed toward people in your region interested in buying or selling a house. You can tailor your advertisements as a real estate agent not only to particular geographic areas but also to various income levels and stages of life.

Lead Strategy 2: Content Marketing And Leads Magnet

Another fantastic strategy for bringing in new leads for your company is to make the material on your website or blog as helpful as possible. This material might come in the form of ebooks, guides, download worksheets, or any other kind of content that meets the requirements and interests of your target audience.

However, keep in mind that real estate is a local market. Unless you have the money to launch a content marketing strategy that targets many people across your city, you should focus on reaching out to a particular demographic. If you are in the business of selling luxury homes in New, you should focus on the New York metropolitan area.

Aside from that, you should make certain that your real estate company is listed on several online platforms, such as Facebook and Google My Business. At the very least, you should ensure prospective customers can find your company when searching for it.

Lead Strategy 3: Networking

Networking is a skill that must be honed over time. Additionally, it will take some time for the momentum of your real estate lead production to grow. When you network today, you are networking for the next month or perhaps the next year. You should keep in mind, however, that if you are constant in your attempts to network, you will ultimately enjoy the advantages of your efforts.

Attend social events, art displays, concerts, social gatherings, virtual events, and other gatherings of people. Participate actively in your alumni groups, become a committee member at your children’s school, offer your time to a charitable organization in your community, and go to fundraising events. To make the most of your networking opportunities, you should try to attend as many of these events as you possibly can; hence, you should prioritize socializing at least once a week.

Also, establishing good connections with other real estate professionals and investors in your region is one of the most successful methods to produce leads for your business. This may be done in person or online, and you may accomplish it by becoming a member of local organizations or taking part in events hosted by the industry. Utilize such connections to your advantage to be introduced to potential customers. Participate in the activities going on in your community and educate yourself on its history and current events.

Lead Strategy 4: Email Marketing Campaign And Automation

Email marketing automation and campaign is a good medium to keep your existing network of contacts within your reach. It’s a very great strategy you can use to snag your subscribers into real-time long-term clients. 

You must regularly update them about new listings, information, and more enlightenment about your real estate brand through automated emails and campaigns. 

To catch new leads with email marketing, you also have the option of purchasing email lists or leads if you are willing to put up some financial investment. However, this is seldom beneficial since the lists that are being used are out of date, and other individuals have already acquired them and are using them. Instead, you can make do with your lead magnates integrated into your website to catch new subscribers.  

Also, You can make an effort to collect email addresses from individuals in your immediate environment who have shown interest in purchasing, even if they are not yet prepared to make a firm commitment. There’s no telling when they could come upon their ideal residence by chance.

Lead Strategy 5: Masterminds, Seminars, And Workshop

Positioning yourself as an expert in your profession will help you create high-quality leads. Think about giving presentations on various real estate-related issues at conferences or other community events or organizing seminars on the subject. To conduct a few “first-time buyer” events, you don’t need to be “overly the best” in the real estate business. 

You may want to try holding an informational seminar at one of your listings or a tour of the region where you sell real estate. When you first offer a new home for sale, you can also consider holding an open house that is exclusive to the neighborhood.

Through experiential marketing, prospective customers can meet you in person and learn more about you in an informal setting free of any constraints. You may boost the likelihood of getting employed or recommended if you give them opportunities to get to know you personally and feel at ease with you. Immediately follow up with them to express gratitude for attending.

Lead Strategy 6: Open House

Open houses are events where a home or other property is made available to the general public for a certain period to attract prospective purchasers. Whoever enters through the door has the potential to become a new lead. However, to successfully collect leads from an open house, you need to go above and beyond just placing a sign-in sheet and a pen at the entrance.

To begin, make an effort to interact with guests as soon as they enter the building. Even if they were merely interested neighbors and not actual homebuyers, you should still make them feel comfortable and at home. Always be prepared with a few different methods to collect your visitors’ email addresses and phone numbers. In addition, you should carry printouts of information on the industry and business cards with your contact details. In fact, you might even use a QR code generator to persuade site users to remember your contact information on their mobile devices.

Lead Strategy 7: Agent-to-Agent Referrals Fees Or Commission 

You have just accomplished an agent referral when you introduce a new agent to one of your contacts. As a result of a referral, you may be entitled to a portion of the commission received by the new agent, which may be anywhere from 25 to 45 percent. There are the same rules if you are provided with a reference, and you must pay the person who brought in your business commissions. There are two ways you may meet new people: either on your own or with the help of an intermediary.

Networking with agents who cannot work in your area is very important. Dallas residents may have noticed that many individuals are moving to the city from the Golden State; maybe a real estate agent in that state can refer you to potential customers. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many of your acquaintances have relocated to Colorado. You may be able to connect with a Colorado real estate agent via networking to supply them with recommendations.

While referrals might cost you money in the long term, you won’t have to pay for them upfront like other marketing methods.

Lead Strategy 8: Expired Listings

Properties previously listed for sale but did not end up being purchased during their first time on the market are referred to as expired listings. In most cases, the termination date will be included in the information shown on your multiple listing service (MLS). Looking for leads from expired listings may be an excellent approach to demonstrate that you can sell difficult homes.

It is important to note, however, that the moment a listing is taken down, sellers may expect to be besieged with calls from real estate brokers who are vying for their business; thus, you should be prepared for intense competition. Why? This is because it is more likely to be successful in converting an irritated seller than it is to acquire new customers by making unsolicited cold calls.

Lead Strategy 9: Affiliates and Partnership

One of the other strategies you can employ to generate quality real estate leads is affiliate marketing and forming formidable partnerships with other businesses in your locality. Partnering with one of the many interesting new real estate startups or technology firms that have recently emerged is a wonderful way to get free leads for your company, and it’s also an excellent way to expand your network of potential clients. 

Investigate the possibility of working together on a project or offering reduced rates for your services in return for introductions or recommendations. There are situations when you will be charged. But once again, this occurs after the fact, after the contract has already been negotiated.

You can put the icing on the cake by partnering with house inspectors or mortgage brokers in your area. It would enable you to tap into their networks of connections and locate new customers who may be interested in your services.

When you are just getting started in the real estate business, it is common not to have many personal connections in the industry. Building those ties and establishing a reputation for oneself in the community may be facilitated by participating in an established real estate community, whether via networking or a platform.

Lead Strategy 10: Participate Actively in Community Works

When working as a real estate agent, it is essential to have the mindset that every activity you are part of in your community is really a chance to make new connections with other people. Make sure that people are aware of what it is that you do and how it may benefit them. You don’t always have to be in “sales mode,” but you should at least be open to the possibility of making these kinds of relationships. They will be profitable in the long run.

Volunteering, participating in the Parent-Teacher Association, or participating in general cleaning activities are just some of the various ways you may accomplish this. Participating in activities will facilitate meeting new individuals, which may result in acquiring new customers.


You have many options when it comes to acquiring new quality leads for your real estate business. Some of them are straightforward, while others are complicated. You’ll get some benefits quickly, while others may take some time. Furthermore, each of these is a proven strategy used by real estate brokers today to expand their reach.

Getting quality leads doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. However, you must set aside time to build relationships with others and develop new ideas. Putting in the extra effort will pay off in spades.

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